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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Wellhead and Christmas Tree

      Wellhead and Christmas tree is used for well drilling and oil or gas production, water injection and downhole operation. wellhead and christmas tree is installed on the top of a well to seal the annular space between casing and tubing, can control wellhead pressure and adjust well flow rate and transport oil from well to pipe line.

      wellhead drawing

      We design and manufacture the wellhead and christmas tree in according with API 6A standards totally, also can be supplied to meet the complete material class, temperature range and PSL& PR level requirements.

      We have lots of type of wellhead for choice,such as conventional spool wellhead, ESP wellhead system, thermal wellhead ,water injection wellhead, time saving wellhead, dual tubing wellhead, integral wellhead,etc.

      integral christmas tree
      integral type x-mass tree

      Thermal wellhead & x-mas system
      Thermal wellhead & x-mas tree system

      water injection wellhead & x-mas system
      water injection wellhead & x-mas system

      ESP wellhead & x-mas tree system
      ESP wellhead&x-mas tree system

      Avalaible Specification

      Working medium oil,natrual gas,mud
      Working Pressure 2,000psi – 20,000psi
      Material Class AA - HH
      Working Temperature -60℃-343℃(K-Yclass)
      PSL 1 - 4
      PR 1