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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO
      HomeWellhead total solution
      Wellhead Total Solution

      CCSC is a reliable supplier on surface wellhead and christmas tree system, we has been safely provided lots of wellhead control system for high value, high quality and overall customer satisfaction for many years. we own the total solution on wellhead system. especially on frac wellhead,water injection wellhead, thermal wellhead.high pressure gas wellhead, they are all our focus. so where there is a need on wellhead. there is total solution in CCSC.

      x mas trees

      X mas tree is a key equipment to control the pressure in wellhead, it is an assembly of valves, spools and fittings for an oil well, and to design to direct and control formation.

      Dual Completion Wellhead

      Dual Completion Wellhead&Christmas Tree is used for extracting two oil reservoir at the same time and also independently. It allow put down two tubings into the same casing.

      Time Saving Wellhead

      Time Savings Wellhead System is designed specifically to save time and enhance safety.

      Gate Valves

      API 6A Gate Valves provided by Sunry are field proven valves which strictly designed and manufactured according to API 6A and API Spec Q1 by forged or casted, AISI 4130/4140 low alloy or AISI 410 SS steel.

      Hydraulic Gate Valves

      Hydraulic Gate Valves provided by Sunry are available in size from 1 13/16" to 7 1/16" and pressuring rating from 2,000psi to 15,000psi.

      Ball Screw Gate Valves

      Ball Screw Gate Valves is a large bore high pressure gate valve with Ball Screw stem.

      Surface Safety Valve

      Surface safety valve-SSV is designed to quick closure due to a pipe leak or burst, equipment malfunction, fire, or similar emergency.

      Casing heads

      Casing head, as a component of wellhead, is applicable for connecting with casing by the use of a hanger in the casing head.

      Casing Hangers

      Casing Spools

      Casing spool feature a versatile straight bore design that can accept a wide variety of slip and mandrel type casing hangers.

      Tubing Heads

      Tubing head with design of versatile straight-bore,can be installed tubing hanger with different specification wellhead.

      Tubing Hanger

      Tree cap

      6BX and 6B Flanges

      BX and 6BX flanges (welding neck flanges, blind flanges, target flanges) provided by CCSC are field proven flanges which strictly designed and manufactured according to API 6A and API Spec Q1 forged or casted.

      Frac Valves

      Frac valves - ball screw gate valves provided by CCSC is a type of large bore gate high pressure valve which were improved from Cameron FLS-R gate valve, it's the main component of frac tree.