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      Swivel Joint - Chiksan Swivel Joint

      Swivel Joint (compatible with FMC Chiksan swivel joint) is a metal pipe adapter installed with roller bearing, we can provide both long radius swivel joints and short radius swivel joints with sizing ranging from 1 - 3 inch and working pressure range from 3,000psi - 20,000psi.

      Swivel joint is designed for high pressure application, such as cementing and circulting hoses, acidizing, choke and kill lines, test lines, fracturing, etc..

      long radius swivel joints

      Swivel joints provide by CCSC are strictly designed and manufactured in according with API 16C and NACE MR0175.Style 10,20,30,50,60,80,100 long radius swivel joint,style 10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80 short radius swivel joints are available,the MTR and test reports are available with the products.

      long radius swivel joint photo

      Note:Customer's inquiry information shall include size,working pressure,lenght,connection type,and working condition(H2S).