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      Hydraulic Surface Safety Valve - SSV

      Hydraulic Surface Safety Valve - SSV is designed to quick closure due to a pipe leak or burst, equipment malfunction, fire, or similar emergency.The Surface safety valve (ssv) is normally closed,pressure needs to be applied to the actuator to compress the spring and open the valve.

      ccsc's hydraulic surface safety valvesurface safety valve

      The pressure needed to keep the valve open can be provided with a simple hand pump which, in an emergency, is bled off on the rig floor. However, a more sophisticated system called an emergency shut down system(ESD) is recommended because it allows the actuator to be activated remotely.

      CCSC designs and manufactures hydraulic actuator and slab gate valve,assembled safety valve with consideration of optimal safety and economic. The available safety valve sizes from 1-13/16" through to 7-1/16",of pressure rating from 2000psi to 15000psi.

      Hydraulic Surface Safety Valve feature:

      • Visual position indicator.
      • Optional fire protection (fusible loop).
      • Separate stems can make them easy disassembling and maintaining.
      • Has a compoud-springs designing to improve its stability.

      Hydraulic actuator available specification

      Applicable Gate Valve Size 1 13/16" thru 7 1/16"
      Working temperature -50℉ to 150℉
      Closing time Less than 2 seconds