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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Sand Trap - Sand Catcher

      Sand Trap/catcher is designed as per API 6A standard and used to remove sand and solid from high pressure gas well effluent to prevent erosion of downstream equipment.

      Sand catchers (sand traps) are usually located between the wellhead systems and plug catchers &trash catchers. Our sand trap has a larger holding volume for solids, so dumping solids is not needed as often. It is recommended that a hydraulic choke and hydraulic valve be used on the dump outlet.

      sand trap

      Typical PID of sand traps

      sand trap PID


      ●Working pressure: 5,000 PSI/35 Mpa, 10,000 PSI /70 Mpa, 15,000 PSI/103.5 Mpa,
      ●Working Temperature: –29 to 121 deg C [–4 to 250 deg F]
      ●Gas flow capacity: up to 50 MM scf/d
      ●Liquid flow capacity: 5,000 Bpd
      ●Inlet and Outlet Connection: Union or Flange
      ●Unions: Fig 602, Fig 1002, Fig 1502
      ●Flanges: API 6A Flanges
      ●Design Codes: API SPEC.6A
      ●Sour Service: Latest NACE MR 0175
      ●Customizable is also available