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      Dual Pot Sand Filter

      dual pot sand filter

      Dual pot Sand Filter unit is designed for solving the concerns of erosion and high pressure by filtering sands and solid particles in well fluids coming out from oil/gas well effluent, to prevent erosion of downstream equipment.

      Dual port sand filter is composed of two vessels, two filter’s screen, tees, crosses, gate valves, needle valves, pipelines, slides, frame, auxiliary pipeline and pipeline fittings. The whole sand filter is set in one frame. Sand filter’s screen adopts clamp--O ring structure, with clamp set in slide to reduce labor intensity. Pressure inside vessel could be released through air outlet in flat cover, hydraulic auxiliary pipeline in tee's outlet and relieve valve. There is removable filter screen inside each vessel. By using air hoist in frame, the filter screen could be removed to clear out sand inside vessel. There is pressure gage in both inlet and outlet. When the two readings of pressure gages exceed 10MPa, it means that filter screen of vessel is overfilled with sand, needing cleaning. When fluids are with little sand, it could flow down smoothly without passing through filter screen. When at work, air hoist is supported. It could also be set in the frame of sand filter during transportation.

      Dual pot sand filter available Specification
      ? Pressure Rating: 5000 PSI, 10,000 PSI, 15,000 PSI
      ? Material Class : AA-EE
      ? Gas flow capacity: up to 3,000,000 m3/d
      ? Pot volume: 46 L
      ? Liquid flow capacity: up to 15,000bpd
      ? Design Codes: ASME VIII, API 6A, ASME B 31.3, DNV 2.7-1