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      CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Treating iron - Pup Joint - Chiksan Pup Joint

      Pup Joint (compatible with FMC Chiksan Pup Joint) is a pipe line with thread, flange or union connectors on both ends, we can provide various pup joint for high,low pressure and temperature and H2S environment, with size range from 2" - 4" and working pressure range from 3,000psi - 15,000psi. all of them are strictly desined, manufactured and tested according to API 16C, Q1 and NACE 0175, both pressure thread seal straight pipe and non-pressure thread seal pup joint are available.
      chicksan pup joint
      Pressure thread seal pup joint
      Non-pressure thread seal pup joint

      CCSC Pup joints feature:

      • 1. Integral pup joints made from one forged raw pipe.
      • 2. Flanged end is also available for high pressure pipeline.
      • 3. ACME thread is adopted in Weco wing union.
      • 4. Standard service is used up to 15,000psi and tested at 22,500psi.
      • 5. H2S service is used up to 10,000psi and tested at 15,000ps.
      Note:Customer's inquiry information shall include size,working pressure,lenght,connection type,and working condition(H2S).
      CCSC Pup joint