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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Pressure Relief Valve - Safety Relief Valve

      Pressure Relief Valves - safety relief valves are often used in the oilfield when provide overpressure protection for cementing/fracturing pumps, fracturing &treating lines, pressure vessels, and other equipment.

      Pressure Relief Valves - safety relief valves opens when a preset pressure is exceeded and automatically shut when pressure drops. Pressure Relief Valves are union connection and designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard and they are improved from SPM series.

      pressure relief valve

      Pressure Relief Valve application

      ●Oil and Gas lines
      ●High-pressure well servicing lines
      ●Acidizing& fracturing lines, &testing lines
      ● Crude Oil and Sour Gas, Mud.
      ● Manifolds and Pipelines, vessels
      ● circulating lines, and other well service
      ● cementing and stimulation applications.
      ● Production and flushing lines


      ●High Pressure
      ●Compact and simple to operate, union end connection is convenient for installation.
      ●Set at the customer specified relief pressure and is fully tested
      ●The butterfly spring inside can realize opening/closing of valves, therefore safety valves can protect people and equipment without shutting down relevant equipment. They are more reliable than shear type safety valves.