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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Positive Choke

      Positive choke is suitable for high pressure drilling,well testing and production accompanied with sour gas or / and sand, our positive choke valve is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard and improved from Cameron H2 series positive choke. It is easy for operation and simple to maintain, reasonable price and low cost of spares make them the most cost effective positive chokes on the market.

      We have many sizes and pressure ratings positive choke valves used for oil field application.

      positive choke valvepositive choke


      • 1. Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A.
      • 2. Carbide alloy is embedded into valve seat.
      • 3. Tungsten carbide and ceramic choke bean are all available
      • 4. Choke bean size:from 2/64 inch to 128/64 inch, increment with 2/64 inch or 4/64 inch
      • 5. Composite rubber-plastic stem lip packing reduces operating torque

      See below positive choke tee with hammer union conection:

      positive choke picture

      Avalaible Specication

      Bore Size 2-4 inch
      Working Pressure 2,000psi – 20,000ps
      Material Class AA-EE
      Connection type flange,union, thread