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      CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO
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      Plug valves - Low Torque Valve

      Plug valves- Low torque valve and repair kits provide by CCSC can be interchanged with the same type of valves of SPM, with size range from 1" - 3" and pressure ranging from 6,000psi - 20,000psi, both union connection and thread connection are available.

      plug valves

      ● Oil and Gas lines
      ● Abrasive Drilling Mud
      ● Wellheads
      ● Crude Oil and Sour Gas,Mud.
      ● Manifolds and Pipelines
      ● Water Flood Lines
      ● Well Treating Chemicals
      ● Production and flushing

      ● Easy repairing and maintenance, can be performed inline, no need special tools..
      ● Low operating torque,easy and flexible operation
      ● Plug valves which treated with special coating process, has excellent performance in wear and corrosion resistances.
      ● Apparent open/close identification and position limiting mechanism are provided.
      ● Special grease for lubricating and sealing.
      Note:Customer's inquiry information shall include size,working pressure,connection type,and working condition(H2S).