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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Diverter system - offshore diverter

      Diverter system is the equipment often used in the offshore oilfield on platforms and jackup rigs to protect against shallow gas kicks during drilling operations. Diverter system is mostly to control the direction of drilling fluid from wellhead to surface platform, control the well kick and shallow gas kick.

      In the event of a shallow gas kick, the diverter is energized to seal around the drill pipe and divert the gas safely overboard. Diverter system must be equipped with hydraulic control system during operation. And it can seal different size of drill pipe.

      API 16A Clamp

      Model A (30"-500PSI Diverter)

      30inch -500PSI Diverter

      Model B (49"-500PSI Diverter)

      49inch -500PSI Diverter