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      Hose loop - Cementing and Circulating Hose Loop

      Hose loops - Cementing and Circulating Hose Loop includes long radius and short radius hose loop with size 1",1 1/2",2"3" and 4" working pressure ranging from 6,000psi - 20,000psi.

      long radius hose loop

      Hose loops are used as discharge line,fluid delivery line,well testing line,cement slurry line and other delivery lines during high pressure operations, they are composed of swivel joints and straight pipe assy.,which are easy for folding,transportation and storage,featuring flexibility,shock-resistance and vibration resistance.

      short radius hose loops

      ● Oil and Gas lines
      ● High-pressure well servicing lines
      ● Acidizing,fracturing lines and testing lines
      ● Crude Oil and Sour Gas, Mud.
      ● Manifolds and Pipelines
      ● Circulating lines and other well service
      ● Cementing and sand stimulation applications.
      ● Production and flushing lines,

      ●Low torque operation at all pressures
      ● Cementing and circulation hoses provide flexibility, absorb shock and vibration, and maximize flow characteristics.
      ●The end connections ensure fast, pressure-tight make-up and break-out without threading, welding, or special connections.
      ●Permits fast, easy service at the job site. The hoses fold up easy and quickly for transportation and storage.

      Note:Customer's inquiry information shall include size,working pressure,lenght,connection type,and working condition(H2S).