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      CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Flanged Plug valves

      Flanged Plug valves and repair kits provide by CCSC to API 6A are available with either full or regular bore with corresponding face to face dimensions. they can be supplied in any of the API material classes suitable for Temperatur Classification P to U as standard or K, L or X to order, with size range from 1" - 3" and pressure ranging from 6,000psi - 20,000psi.

      flanged plug valves

      ? Easy repairing and maintenance, can be performed inline, no need special tools..
      ? Low operating torque,easy and flexible operation
      ? Plug valves which treated with special coating process, has excellent performance in wear and corrosion resistances.
      ? Apparent open/close identification and position limiting mechanism are provided.
      ? Special grease for lubricating and sealing.

      Note:Customer's inquiry information shall include size,working pressure,connection type,and working condition(H2S).