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      Emergency shutdown system - ESD Control Panel - ESD Panel

      Emergency shutdown system - ESD Control Panel is designed for quick closure due to a pipe leak or burst, fire, or some other similar emergency, the ESD panel allows a safety valve to be closed from remote stations or from the console. In well testing operations, the ESD panel controls the flow line valve on the flowhead and the surface safety valve which is located upstream of the choke manifold and the sub-surface safety valve.

      This is achieved by isolating the upstream pressure through manual shutdown or remote close. It is installed at a distance far away 20-30m of wellhead. In a line rupture situation the system will isolate the well stream before any significant hydrocarbon releases have occurred which sensed by H/L pressure sensors, thus reducing the possible injury to personal in the test area along with save wellhead facility and line ,reducing environmental hazards. .ESD panel can be used of trouble free, stable and easy operation.

      ESD Control PanelESD Control Panel button

      ESD control panel includes: reservoir tank, pump, air filter, air regulator, safety valve, fittings, pilot control valve, local ESD valve, indicated instrument, etc., high pressure loops made by stainless steel, US or Euro brand fitting and connectors, US or Euro brand pump, US or Euro brand pilots, etc.

      ESD Control Panel inquiry information

      Customers may customize their purchase through the following data:
      ? The number of the SSV, SSSV.
      ? The number of ESD stations.
      ? The actuated pressure of the SSV.
      ? Need Fusible plug, or not.
      ? Do you need Hi/Low Pilots, and the setting pressure of the pilots.
      ? The necessary hoses for your site operation.