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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO
      HomeWellhead solutionDual Completion Wellhead

      Dual Completion - Dual Tubing Wellhead&Christmas Tree

      Dual Completion - Dual Tubing Wellhead & Christmas Tree is used for extracting two oil reservoir at the same time and also independently. It allow put down two tubings into the same casing. Can seal the different two oil reservoir with dual packer and single packer.

      CCSC has many sizes and pressure ratings Dual Completion Wellhead & Christmas Tree used for oil production.

      dual completion wellhead dual completion christmas tree

      CCSC's customizable Dual Completion Wellhead System allow customers to design their ideal equipments for reliable and consistent performance on their production system.


      Design specifically for dual completion use.
      Compact configuration, convenient operation, reliable seal.
      Apply to all kinds of casing and tubing program.
      Working medium oil、natural gas、mud and gas containing H2S、CO2
      Working Pressure 2,000psi – 20,000psi
      Material Class AA - FF
      Working Temperature -46°C~121°C(Class LU)
      PSL 1 - 4
      PR 1 - 2