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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO
      HomeWellhead solutionDouble Packoff Flange

      Double Packoff Flange - “DSPF” Packoff Flange

      Double Packoff Flange - “DSPF” Packoff Flangeis often used in the oilfield when drilling, The double packoff flange provides double" P" seal for sealing the casing.

      The double packoff flange also used as an intermediate crossover flange when a restricted area ring gasket is used in the smaller diameter top groove. When a crossover is used, the top connection can be exposed to a higher pressure than the original rated working pressure. The double molded elastomer P seals are energized by injected the high pressure grease.

      double studded packoff flange

      CCSC has many sizes and pressure ratings "DSPF" used for drilling applications.

      Avalability Specification

      Working pressure 2000PSI-20000PSI
      Material class AA –HH
      Specification class PSL1-PSL4
      Performance class PR1-PR2
      Nominal Size 7" - 21-1/4"
      Internal casing size 5-1/2" - 13-3/8"