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      Chemical Injection Pump

      Chemical injection pump is used to inject methanol or ethylene glycol into a fluid at the upstream of choke manifold to prevent the hydrate of formation fluid icing up due to the pressure drop, increases the reliability of the well test system and the pressure drop range above / below the choke, to restore the oil (gas) well to normal operation.

      chemical injection pump

      It injects liquid chemical with accurate injection volume in the processing. The chemicals injected are usually methanol, ethylene glycol, preservative, deoxidizer, drilling fluid additive (caustic soda and liquid polymer) and defoamer. In the process of water treatment, add chemicals to tap water, waste water and sewage, can also be used for the quantitative transportation of reaction materials to a high pressure reaction kettle.


      • Well testing of HPHT wells where considerable pressure drops are occurring.
      • Well testing or maintenance operations.


      • Working Pressure: 10,000PSI, 15,000PSI.
      • Air Supply Pressure: 100 - 120 PSI.
      • Inject Capacity : 10 - 19 L/hr