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      Cement head - Casing cement head

      Cement head – casing cement head is widely used in the oilfield for cementing application, typically for pumping slurry and releasing plug, our cement head includes single plug type, double plugs type, Multi-Plugs type, drill pipe type, etc.

      We can offer reliable cement heads in various sizes and pressure ratings for superior performance in cementing operations.


      ● Indicates when the top plug passes into the casing.
      ● Having manifold with lo-torque plug valve.
      ● Provides continuous operation.
      ● The plug container holds one or two plugs, the top plug and the bottom plug. The double plug container has a three in-torque valve manifold and two plunger assembly
      ● The length of plug containers are made to accommodate the standard length of plugs.
      ● The cap is available with ACME thread and with lifting chain for lifting the plug container.
      ● Single or Double Plug chamber is available

      swivel ring flange