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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      CAMERON Gate Valve 'FLS' type - FLS Gate Valve

      CAMERON Gate Valve 'FLS' type is widely recognized as a high-quality valve for severe applications. It is a fullbore, through-conduit valve available in pressure ratings from 2,000 to 20,000 psi and bore sizes from 1 13/16 to 11 in. The FLS is our standard valve for critical requirements, including extreme sour and subsea applications, Easily equipped with Hydraulic Actuators for Manifold or Subsea service.

      cameron manucal gate valve type 'fls'

      FLS Gate Valves' feature:

      • 1. Forged or Cast Body & Bonnet, A wide range of body and trim materials to meet various operating conditions.
      • 2. Metal-to-Metal seal, gate to seat, seat to body, bonnet seal and stem backseat.
      • 3. Bi-directional Sealing,
      • 4. All internal parts can be inline changed,No special tools are needed to change gate and seat assembly.
      • 5. Heavy duty thrust bearing is used to absorb stem thrust and reduce operating torque.
      • 6. The Stem pin protects the stem and internal parts from failure by shearing if the handwheel is over-torqued

      Available Specication

      Bore Size 1 13/16” – 9”
      Working Pressure 2,000psi – 20,000psi
      Material Class AA - HH
      Working Temperature 75°F - 350°F
      PSL 1 - 4
      PR 1 - 2

      CCSC PETROLEUM EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD is not an authorized agent or sales representative of CAMERON.