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      Cage and sleeve choke

      Cage and sleeve choke is often used for control flow in severe condition instead of triditional needle and seat choke, the cage and sleeve choke is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A and API 16C standard, the cage and sleeve are completely made by Tungsten Carbide alloy, and the size is adjustable by increment of 1/64".

      We have all range sizes and pressure ratings cage and sleeve choke for clients' demend.

      Cage and sleeve choke Feature:

      • 1. Manufactured and tested in accordance with API 6A.
      • 2. Carbide alloy is embedded into cage and sleeve..
      • 3. Flow adjustment is indicated on a measuring scale.
      • 4. Control sleeve and seat sealing surfaces are not directly exposed to the high velocity flow.
      • 5. Max orifice:1"-3".

      Available Specication

      cage and sleeve choke
      Bore Size 2-4 inch
      Working Pressure 2,000psi – 20,000ps
      Material Class AA-EE
      Connection type flange,union, thread

      Cage and sleeve Choke inquiry information

      Customers may customize their purchase through the following data:
      ? Working Pressure
      ? Type of Connection
      ? Size & Max. Orifice
      ? Material Class

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