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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Ball injector - Ball dropper

      Ball Injector – Ball dropper is ball drop tool which is often used on acidizing and fracturing application, for engaging and or activating mechanisms in down hole tools, our ball injector& ball launcher is reliable and high efficient tool during pump the frac balls into the frac stream

      We have rich experience on ball dropper solutions, there are some different structure for the customer to choose as below

      ball injector

      Model A: Conventional Fracturing ball injector

      This model A ball injector can be used for both remote control by electric control box and manual operation by workers. During the operation, the same size balls are installed on the system, it can inject many balls with same size one time according to the need.

      Bore Size Number of Balls Injection Pressure Working Pressure
      Φ16~Φ22 (Customizable) 379 Max.(Customizable) 8,500PSI 15,000PSI

      ball dropper

      Model B: Staged fracturing ball injector - dropper

      This model B ball injector/ball dropper is a kind of ball drop tool which is usually used for staged fracturing service. Our ball injector ball dropper is installed on the top of the frac head with 12 balls capacity and pressure rating up to 15000 psi.

      Nominal size API SPEC.6A ,4-1/16”15000 PSI
      Ball size Max.Φ95.25 mm, Min.Φ38.1 mm, Total 12 pcs
      System flow >4 m3/Min
      Driving Mode Hydraulic driven(25Mpa)
      Outlet connection 4-1/16”15000 PSIx3”1502 female Union