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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO
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      Welcome to CCSC

      CCSC Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. is a reliable soluition provider for wellhead, flow control and subsea forging parts which is in accordance with API Spec. 6A, 6D ,16C, 17D,ISO9001, API Q1,etc As a professional supplier, we have advanced technology equipment and testing equipment, our main products involved well head equipments including: x-mas trees, casing head, casing spool, tubing head, tubing spools, cross over,BX and 6BX flanges, flowhead, surface safety valves, choke manifolds,Cameron style FC & FLS-R style (hydraulic) gate valves, etc. and flow control products including: various sizes of swivel joint, plug valve, gate valve, check valve, hammer union, integral straight pipe, integral fittings,and subsea forging parts including: special cross block, subsea valves body, special tubesheet, Y block, SV Swivel Flanges, Swivei-Ring Flanges,and customer's special drawings. all those products are filed proven.

      All produsts provided by CCSC will come with full material traceability sheet, assembly drawing, Material test certificate, pressure testing reports, NDE inspection reports and any kind of Third Party inspection (appiont by customer) report.

      Inspection, Quality Certificate and After-sale Service

      We adopt factory inspection and on-site inspection. If the product passes on-site inspection, it will enter warranty period. The inspection conforms to the protocol signed by the two parties and product manufacturing standard. Any kinds of third party inspection is acceptable.

      • All the equipment are manufactured according to ISO9001 and API standard.
      • Warranty period is 18 months after receiving the goods or 12 months after operation. If there are quality problems within warranty period, we are responsible for solving problems in time at any time.
      • If failure and potential safety hazard appear during operation because of designing defect, we will improve the equipment for free.
      • We will provide complete high quality technical document and brochure of the whole equipment in English.
      • We will have enough parts stock to provide parts at reasonable price to customers.
      • If customers need, we can provide after sale service. But the buyer shall pay labor cost for engineers. This cost is according to the negotiation between the supplier and the buyer.
      • We provide customer's site comissioning and installation guiding if necessary.
      • we provide timely and efficient technical support any time.
      • We are dedicated to bring best products to our customers,and provide total solution for safety,time savings,quality assuring and cost reducing, we are the ideal back supporter for oilfield services companies.