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      HomeSurface Well TestingHigh Pressure Flexible Hose - conflexip hose

      High pressure flexible hose - conflexip hose

      High pressure flexible hose - conflexip hose is armored, thermal insulation, high pressure resistance, anti-flaming, fire resistance and high abrasion resistance inner wall hose, which is designed and made according to API 16C, Flexible Choke Kill Line is applicable to connection at locations when drill rig, drilling vessel and the installation dimensions of the drilling rig changes, and to transport of oil, gas, mud and other high pressure media.

      high pressure flexible hose


      ? 2-1/2", 3", 3-1/2" and 4" I.D available
      ? Up to 15,000 psi Pressure Test
      ? 5,000 psi WP, 7,500 psi WP, 10,000 psi WP available
      ? Coflex hoses can be made with API couplings connections, flanges, or weco hammer unions
      ? Designed and made in according with API 16C

      Conflexip hose inquiry information

      Customers may customize their purchase through the following data:
      ? Working Pressure
      ? Nominal Size
      ? Type of Connection
      ? Length

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