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    3. CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO
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      CCSC HSE Policy

      Life and Health protection of our employers, environmental protection, our aspiration for the consistent improvement of the methods and technologies applied for industrial security and safety – is a core value for CCSC.


      The principles of company’s environmental activity are:

      - Recognition of human right on favorable environment;

      - Resources preservation;

      - Industrial process optimization in the context of ecological safety;

      - Minimization of probable negative influence of productive activity on environment;

      - Openness and availability of ecological information.


      Following strictly these principals, CCSC ensures transparence of the reports in the field of labor protection, safety procedures, environment protection. Consistent control of the employers safety, of their working places and technological process on the whole has been realized by the way of expertise of the equipment and instruments for personal safety and protection.


      We set ourselves a goal to implement continually the most up-to-date technologies to ensure industrial safety and environment protection, to support and develop the monitoring system, making it possible to reduce the risks of the accidents at the working places and to eliminate the possibility of environmental contamination.


      Carrying out the environmental actions is based on clear understanding by the employers of the fact, that reasonably balanced production tasks and maintenance of favorable environment is a necessary requirement for reduction of risks of emergency situations and ensuring safe conditions for the employers working activity and nearly living population.