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      CCSC Petroleum Equipment LTD CO

      Frac valves - ball screw gate valves

      Frac valves - ball screw gate valves provided by CCSC is a type of large bore gate high pressure valve which were improved from Cameron FLS-R gate valve, it's the main component of frac tree, the frac valve is often used on the top of the wellhead on high pressure oil well, can do the frac job for isolating the fluid from the well.

      frac valve

      CCSC provides the FRAC VALVE was designed in accordance to API 6A and NACE MR-01-75, strict quality control conforming to ISO registration, This type of the frac valve contains flanged end, studded outlet, and special block body , both manual and hydraulic operation type can be supplied by CCSC, ball screw operation designed in manual type frac valve.

      ? Forged Body and Bonnet.
      ? Low operation torque under pressure.
      ? Metal to metal sealing gate-to-seat and the seat-to-body.
      ? Ball screw stem when manual operation.
      ? Bi-directional FLS-R style slab gate valve for high pressure
      ? Flanged and studded outlet are available.
      ? The stem packing is a pressure energized seal and can resist severe Temp. and fluids.
      ? Critical application from 10000 psi to 20000 psi pressure.