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      Oil and Gas Manifold

      Oil and gas manifold is to divert the flow of oil and gas from the separator to other equipment.

      Oil manifold connects to the separator oil line to the tank, the transfer pump, and the burners. It allows oil leaving the separator to be diverted to the tank or the burners, or sent directly to a production line. typically, it consisits an arrangement of piping, five ball valves, wing union connections and skid assembly, but flexible configuration of valves and ports.

      oil divert manifold

      Gas from the separator flows through the gas manifold (connected to the separator gas line) and is directed to one of two gas flares, the gas manfild is equipped with 2 ball valves.

      gas divert manifold

      Oil and gas manifold inquiry information

      Customers may customize their purchase through the following data:
      ? Working Pressure
      ? Nominal Size
      ? Quantity of valves
      ? Type of valves

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